I’ve always looked towards the sky at the clouds and my imagination would run free and it’s made me feel as though anything was possible. I’ve gazed at the night sky with curiosity towards the constellations and contemplated the mysteries of the universe, as well as the mysteries of my own life. I’m a dreamer.

I’ve had many dreams for my life, many of which I realized were not realistic for me and I’ve had to let go of, but there are a few that I have held on to which I want more than anything to fulfill. Two major dreams come to mind; the first is that I want to have a family, a very simple dream but one that I’ve always had and hope will one day come true; and the second, to find a way to make a career helping others. For my second dream, I’ve decided that I want to walk the path of psychology to help others to understand their own traumas so they can become unabided by them as I have.

As I’ve tried to pursue these dreams I’ve constantly run into an issue with my own conviction in making these dreams a reality. I want them, but I’m afraid to do the things I need in order to achieve them, and I let that fear stop me from taking action. Perhaps its a confidence issue, or perhaps I just don’t want it bad enough (Even though I feel like I do) but finding a way to gather the resolve to do the things that I might not necessarily want to do for the bigger picture seems to be the struggle I am dealing with now as a dreamer.

It’s so easy to dream and picture the end result however, sometimes a dreamer needs to wake up and find the resolve to chase those dreams into reality. I’m a dreamer for now but I need to learn how to become a chaser so I can chase my dreams true.

Time to get out the running shoes…




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