A Guide to Feeling Alright (A Work In Progress)

I’ve always had small lessons in my life pop up that helped me to feel better about a situation or things going on in my life but after some time, I tend to forget them. When I was feeling down or hurt again, I always wished I could remember the lesson that I had forgotten because I forgot how to feel alright. This post is going to be about the lessons I’ve learned in order to write down these thoughts and lessons and remind myself how to feel alright and also hopefully to help others feel alright too.
This is a work in progress as I will continue to add more lessons as I remember them or as they come up. If you have any lessons of your own you’d like to share don’t hesitate to comment them or send me a message 🙂

Forgive yourself – “It’s ok.”
It’s ok to feel the way you feel. Its ok to make mistakes. Its ok to be afraid. Its ok to fail.
While I wrote this I felt heartbroken and every time I thought of the girl, it hurt. I blamed myself for letting this happen and feeling this way until I reminded myself that its ok to have fallen in love, and its ok to feel hurt. Its ok that I didn’t take chances and go for it and it’s ok I let things happen the way they did. its ok.

Life throws enough hardship at you so get rid of the hardships you are putting on yourself.


Ask Questions – “There are no stupid questions.”
If you feel any uncertainty about anything, ask. Don’t feel self conscious, don’t be afraid, don’t give in to doubt, just ask and have light shed on the situation. I always thought I had things figured out and if I didn’t, I would figure it out on my own but I let so many chances and opportunities in life pass me by because I didn’t ask really simple questions; I found myself in situations where I was in trouble because I didn’t ask questions; and I isolated myself so often because I didn’t ask questions. Ask Questions!

Even if people look at you like you’re an idiot, its always better to have asked the question than to have proved them right.


Listen to Music – “Music is the Best Medicine.”
Music can soothe, inspire, motivate, alleviate and do so many different things and throughout most of my life, it was the only therapy that kept me going. There always seems to be a song out there somewhere that fits exactly how I feel or what I’m going through which means others have gone through the same thing. Music can help capture positive thoughts or feelings and dispel or help ease negative ones and it makes this world less solitary.

Music is a great way to connect so why not give it a listen?


Embrace Change – “Change can be scary, but staying the same is scarier.”
An important lesson in my life was learning to embrace change. I was stuck in a bad situation, in a bad mindset and I was afraid to change it because I didn’t think I was strong enough to survive change. I was wrong. I was thrown into a corner where it was either death or change… I chose wrong on that one and thankfully something happened that caused a change in my life whether I wanted it or not and I was saved. The change was new, and the change gave me hope. I adapted to the change and felt better because of it and then I started changing other aspects of my life that were causing me pain. Before I knew it, I didn’t recognize myself anymore; I had grown into something new, something that I was happy with and that was a new feeling. So now whenever I feel stuck or down, I change… I change my attitude, I change my actions, I change my lifestyle, because I know that I can, and I am not afraid to do it.

If we don’t change the things that ail us, then we never heal, we never grow and we continue being a person that is ailed. Change the person you were yesterday so you can grow into something more tomorrow.


Stay Hydrated – “Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.”
I decided to test this myself so I could feel the effects of not drinking enough water. Let me say, without a doubt, that it is important to stay hydrated! I’ve always heard the negative effects of not drinking enough water, but I wanted to know exactly what it felt like to go through them. The first thing I noticed was how quickly I got tired in the day, not only that but also how the days seemed to drag on forever even though I was doing the same activities that made the days go by quickly before. It was like everything just slowed down, my brain included. I started forgetting things, small things like tasks I was supposed to do or names of people I had just met, it felt like I lost control of my own mind because I just couldn’t retain anything. The next thing I noticed was my bodies ability to recover. I played a sport and the next morning it felt like I was run over by a truck, when normally I would barely feel any soreness. Then I started having trouble sleeping as I tossed and turned for a few nights. Then I started getting apathetic and agitated easily and at that point, as the small things were frustrating me, I decided I better start drinking water again. The very day I started drinking enough water again, I already felt better.

Water nurtures life. Lack of water leads to loss of life, it’s a no brainer.


Light it up – “I want you to see the light, but be sure not to be blinded and left in the dark ”
I had just moved and in my new work area, I was trying to study. I found that it was very hard to concentrate. As the days went on, I tried to do productive things but just felt so unmotivated, apathetic and hopeless. As I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, the kitchen was filled with sunlight and a bright atmosphere and I felt a glimmer of hope. As I went back to my work area, I realized that there was barely any sunlight or even artificial light as a small lamp was the only thing that lit the room. Light, and how lit an environment was, seemed to have an effect on my mood. Changing where I did my writing and studying to a brighter and sunnier area motivated me to be productive and resulted in happier work which showed me that sometimes lighting up your life, can change your entire mentality.

It’s easy if you just shed some light on the situation.


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