My Best Friend

“The definition of a best friend is a person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide.”

I’ve never really had a best friend before, at least not in the true sense of the word. I’ve had friends I’ve been close with and that I’ve shared a lot with but  I’ve never really valued someone above all others. I always imagined that the person I’d end up calling my ‘best friend’ was going to be the person I was in love with because it’s always been the people I’d fallen in love with that I had felt the closest to. I’ve never felt that there was a ‘Best’ friend before, that is until I met her…

Let’s start from the beginning: It was one of my first days at work, and I got a call for a voicemail password reset. Typically we only change two numbers on the voicemail during the reset so I asked the caller what their favorite number was, she responded with five. I changed the password to include five-five and asked as a joke if she would remember that. “Of course! It’s my birthday!” It took me a few seconds but I realized we shared the same birthday in that case, 05/05. This was my first contact with someone that would end up very special to me and also my birthday twin!

Eventually I had to go up to the building she was working in and I met her face to face. We had a pleasant chat and got to know each other a little bit more, and to be honest I had a bit of a crush but we didn’t really get too close. It wasn’t until we both signed up for our companies corporate challenge where we compete against other businesses that we began spending more time together.

Our first challenge… and our first time ever hanging out together; Blood donation. I had never gave blood before and I was chatting with her about what to expect until she asked if I would like it if we went together. A beautiful girl that I have a bit of a crush on asks if I want to go donate blood with her, heck yes! We ended up going to donate blood and sure enough my vein collapses so I can’t donate more than a few drops and she gets lightheaded from not drinking enough fluids but that’s okay because we get to sit down and chat for a bit, and it turns out shes a pretty wonderful girl that I really enjoy talking with. We ended up going to get some Aussie pies from a pie shop afterward and chatting a bit more however she started to feel ill so I took her home but our first little interaction was a good indication as to how well we got along.

We started hanging out more and more as we did more corporate challenge events together and one evening she made one thing clear: She wasn’t looking for anything romantic and just wanted to be my friend. I appreciated immensely how upfront she was and of course I wanted to be her friend, she made me laugh a tremendous amount with her wonderful sense of humor and I genuinely enjoyed being in her company.

As time passed, we grew closer and closer. I helped her move from her old crappy apartment to a much nicer one and as anyone knows, when you help someone move, you know its getting serious. I took her to a few of my favorite places, we went to work events together and she even asked me to house-sit for her when she left for home. We were pretty inseparable.

Then, she left for a month to visit her home. And in that month of staying at her place, I missed her…I missed her more than I should have, more than I thought I would and more than just a friend would. We had contact every now and again, but honestly I lived for the times we were able to chat. She had become more than just a friend in my heart.

I was more than excited when she came home and picking her up from the airport was like I found a long lost missing piece of myself. On the way home she told me that something interesting had happened to her; She had developed some romantic feelings for someone and at that moment my heart sunk a bit because of my own realized feelings, but I quickly came to realize that her excitement for this development was more than enough to make me feel happy for her in finding someone she had romantic feelings for. That romance didn’t last long though and it breaks my heart that the excitement she had from finding those feelings faded away.

I’ve learned that love is a catalyst that can both shape a romantic relationship as well as a close friendship. I’ve found a best friend that I love and want more than anything for her to succeed in all aspects of life. I want to see her excitement as she develops romantic feelings for someone, I want to see her move forward in life and get to where she wants to be. I want to see her become what she will become and I want to help her every step of the way in any way I can because that’s what a best friend does and I know its what she wants for me too.

I love my best friend; My one I value most; My someone I have fun with; My someone I trust; My someone I confide in; My Duchess.


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