Love is a Battlefield

The heart is such a difficult thing to understand because it wants what it wants and there is no changing that. It defies all reason, it defies all logic, it truly is it’s own entity; it’s own fragile, delicate entity.

Love hurts. At least unrequited love does and I’m convinced most people have experienced it in one way or another. I feel like I’ve been in a situation of feelings not being returned quite often and I’ve even been the person who didn’t return those feelings and it truly does feel like a battlefield.

The conditions for love are not as easy to fulfill as one would think. When I was younger I figured love was easy, A person likes another person and they would get together and work on it. As I have grown and experienced love and heartache, I realize that there are many factors to consider when falling in love with someone and an imbalance of one of those factors can cause the love to never be returned or the love to ultimately fail. Timing is important; it truly is a tragedy when you love someone and they are just not at a point in time where they can love you back. Attraction; it seems obvious that you are attracted to someone you are in love with but the heart can be fickle and you might have an attraction one day and if it is never acted upon, it can fade, and the opposite can be true as well. Mindset; Sometimes a mindset can be the cause or fall of love. I have experienced a love with someone where we shared a similar mindset however as the person I loved matured mentally, my mindset was left behind and we no longer shared the same joys, dreams or desires and ultimately we fell out of love.

Love can also be terrifying and I found that it is the fear that can make it seems so uncomfortable to let your heart fall. What if the person you love doesn’t love you back? What if they break your heart? What if they are the wrong person? What if they do love you too? The uncertainty is scary and sometimes it is just easier not to have those feelings, but love is a battlefield, and in a battlefield you are fighting for something. Letting fear deter you, and letting the pain of failure break you means you have conceded. If you want to succeed on the battlefield that is love, all you have to do is keep fighting, keep trying until you make it, knowing that you are fighting for something that is beautiful and can bring about so much happiness, something that is worth enduring the battle you are put through. I know because I have been in love, and it is something worth fighting for.


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