Looking at the Rear View Mirror

It is truly amazing how much a person can grow when they desire it. With the proper drive, a whole world can completely turn around in a relatively short amount of time…

When I first started driving, I truly did enjoy it. I would put on the radio and just relax, I would get to my destination when I got there without worrying about what any other driver around me was doing. Not that I didn’t pay attention, I moved out of the way when a car was tailing me, and I left space between myself and a car going a bit slower in front of me, basically things never bothered me. As I drove more and more however, those things began to bother me… to the point where I loathed driving. As I’ve been going on this journey of self discovery, I really had to take a look at why I had begun to hate driving and how I could go back to enjoying it and it came down to one thing that really triggered me. Getting tailed closely… I absolutely hated looking in my rear view mirror and seeing headlights shoved up my trunk because someone needed to tail me, and I’m not talking about me driving slow in the ‘fast lane’ and being tailed. I’m talking about me driving in the other lane and someone deciding to ride my tail when they could easily switch lanes and pass… It still fills me with a bit of anger thinking about it however I felt that this had a much deeper meaning and was an analogy to my life.

Looking at the rear view mirror was causing me stress and so was looking at my past and what had already happened. Why wouldn’t this vehicle just pass me and why didn’t I do things differently? They are both behind me but yet I’m letting them upset me in my present moment. I realized that I needed to find a way to stop letting it upset me because in the end I don’t have control over it. The driver is going to do what they are doing and my past has already done what has happened, I cannot change either, all I can change is what I do in the present moment and so I stopped looking at that mirror.

There is only frustration in the hope of changing your past, the only thing you have the power to change is your present. This isn’t to say that checking your mirrors every once in a while is a bad thing (actually its dangerous not to) but to dwell on something that is behind you does not help you in your present. Instead look in that mirror for what it was intended for, to make sure the move you are making in your present moment is safe, and then continue to keep your eyes forward to what is happening right now.


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