5 Princesses

I’ve never really had much luck in matters of the heart. After I reached maturity I really didn’t have my first relationship until a few years after graduation. I remember it was 3 years after I graduated, the only work experience I had was what little I got from working a labourer job for my stepdad, I wasn’t in post-secondary, and I didn’t feel like I was doing much with myself. Because of this stagnation, I had grown depressed and every night for a while I prayed. I prayed for something to happen, something to change my life.

Enter my first princess, the Angel. My prayers had been answered and I met my first love and it got my life somewhat in gear. I started post-secondary for a business degree and worked part time on the weekends. Unfortunately, the Angel lived a couple thousand miles away, so I would save up money so I could fly to see her whenever I could. I worked hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA as long as I could, worked on the weekends and after dating for a few years, we decided to live together. Unfortunately when I moved in, the love we had, had been lost. I was still young and very naive to the way things were, I just had blind optimism that things would work out and no solid plan on how to make them work and we eventually went our separate ways. I know we both found each other for a reason; we needed each other but after we helped stabilize each other’s lives, it stopped making sense for us to be together. My first love was the angel that answered my prayers when I needed them answered.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken after my first princess and I had broken up, and that’s when I met my second princess, the Sun. I felt like I was shrouded in darkness after my first break-up and a bright entity showed up and shed light/hope on my life again. She heated the heart that had been broken into thousands of pieces so it could be melded back together. The Sun and I were complete opposites personality wise, but we shared the same type of heart which also gave her the nickname of Yin, to my Yang; complete opposites in our color but we were the same shape. Although we were never romantically involved, she will always have my love for saving me from the darkness that had clouded my heart and teaching me that the sun will always shine again. I’m still good friends with the second princess and we visit each other a few times every year.

After I had taken time to recover from my first major heartache, I was ready to love again, and that’s when I met my third princess, the Scientist. I had known her for a while because she had been dating a friend of mine a year earlier. They had broken up and she had disappeared for that year and resurfaced again as his friend. She was in med school and I was just freshly graduated looking for a job and we decided to have a study date over Skype while she studied and I fine-tuned my resume and cover letter. We ended up staying up all night bonding over our unique musical preferences that we had in common. For the next few nights we did the same thing and we quickly fell for each other. We talked a lot about our futures together but unfortunately we lacked time to spend with each other in the present. At the end of each of our days, We tried spending as much time as we could together, and I remember singing her to sleep over Skype often, however we just weren’t able to spend enough quality time together and it started to hurt too much for us as a couple. All I wanted with the Scientist was to go back to the start when we had time for each but as I learned and as she already knew, we had to move forward and so we ended our relationship. The thing that really broke me in this relationship was the amount of future plans we had that were to never come to fruition, but I learned a valuable lesson: You can’t live in the future and what promises it might bring, you have to live in the present with the future you want in mind.

I took a while to recover from my third princess as well, however I knew things would get better again, as they did in the past and I wasn’t shrouded in the same darkness I was before. I eventually found a full time job and just concentrated on work. While I was on vacation visiting my second princess, I had a dream. Usually my dreams are vague and I don’t remember much of them however when I had this particular dream, I remembered waking up and remembering it quite vividly. In this dream I saw a fortune teller, and they told me that in five days’ time, I would meet my true love. When I awoke I checked my calendar and it happened to be the day I was taking the bus back home. I didn’t read too much into it but I had hoped that maybe I would meet someone on the bus ride. Turns out I didn’t quite meet anyone on the bus however when I got home, I checked my social media to see a message in my inbox from someone I went to school with; my fourth princess, the True Love. We saw each other here and there in high school, and I guess our brief interactions were enough to leave an impression on her. We began talking daily and got along really well and I even took her out on a few dates and she restored my heart again. Although we never ended up getting too serious, I did learn what true love meant: It is a love that means you’ll be there for someone regardless of what they are going through; it is walking through hell to help the other person out of it; and it is a complete understanding of another. Unfortunately I no longer really talk to my fourth princess, I’ll always keep her in my memory as someone who taught me what it meant to be there for someone through thick and thin.

That leaves my fifth princess, the Alternate Ending. I don’t ever want that name to take away anything from how wonderful she is. She got that nickname from a song that made me fall for her. I had caught feelings for her but she lived many many miles away (much like my first princess) and she knew we would have a tough time making it. The song that made me fall for her was about my life having an alternate ending so that I could spend it with her. I had a choice to make, accept that we wouldn’t be together or try to change my life, try to make it the alternate ending that ended with her. I went for it and put myself out there, and even though at first she held fast that we wouldn’t make it, she eventually gave in and we started dating. Everyday I’m grateful that we did because she was the princess that helped me change my life the most. Not only were we able to transform physically together and become more confident, but we also went through a lot of personal development together. Distance however, was not our friend and it felt like she began to outgrow me, and eventually it seemed like we no longer brought each other joy, but rather pain whenever we saw each other and so we ended our relationship. After losing her, I lost myself but the beauty of losing yourself is that it gives you an opportunity to rediscover who you are and become something more. It took some time but my fifth princess and I were able to become friends again and it is truly a blessing to see her well as I’m sure it is a blessing for her to see me well.

A piece of my heart belongs to each of my five princesses and each lesson and experience I had, and continue to have with them adds to my own development as the prince I hope to become. Are there going to be any more princesses that earn a piece of my heart? I suppose only time will tell the answer to that question.


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