The Start of My Journey

Who am I?

This question has always plagued me and I could never come up with an answer whenever I’ve been asked. Honestly, I had never stopped to really think about it nor did I really care to. It wasn’t until a friend of mine had posted the following excerpt on social media that I truly started questioning “Who am I?”


I’ve barely ever looked at myself in a positive light and I’ve never been pleased when seeing the man staring back at me from in the glass. I could easily look at others and say “Oh, that person has an awesome sense of humor” or “My friend is such an honest, genuine person” but whenever I tried to look at myself or describe myself, it’s been a struggle. I felt that this was because I wasn’t friends with the man in the glass, In fact, I felt like I didn’t even know who he was.

So that’s where I decided to start this journey; a journey to discover who this man in the glass staring back at me is, why he is who he is, and how he got to the point he is at. A journey to get to know this man, to become his friend and to respect and appreciate him because after all is said and done,  he is the only one who has, is, and will be ‘with me clear to the end’.

My hope is that this blog will serve as a catalog of who I am and my experiences as I learn to love who I am and appreciate where I’ve come from. I hope it can also inspire others who might feel the same way to take a similar journey to discover who they are, where they’ve come from and to come out the other side feeling like they can call the person staring back from the glass their friend.


4 thoughts on “The Start of My Journey”

  1. This is brilliant!!! I hope in the end you will smile at the reflection in the mirror one day. This is a very excellent idea and wish you all the best xxxxx


  2. If you could see yourself the way others see you, I think you’d be very pleased with the man in the glass. All of you; your vulnerabilities, scars, fears, hopes, gifts, and love. My hope is that you can see it all one day and still smile at that man.


    1. If only everyone could see themselves the way others see them, I think there would be a lot less self doubt and insecurity. I’m understanding now that a person’s vulnerabilities, scars, fears, loves, gifts and hope are what make us special and worthy of love and respect especially from ourselves. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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